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​Michelle Thevenot (Durell) is a nature-inspired artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. Michelle appreciates and shares nature's gifts with others, something she is infinitely familiar with because of her deep, intuitive connection with the forest.

​Michelle grew up in Prince Albert, SK where the proximity to forests, lakes, river, and wild animals imprinted upon her a formative relationship with the wilderness. She is grateful to live an outdoor lifestyle, with her favorite place being the boreal forest - a key force that authentically inspires her.

​Her artwork uses natural resources and mixed media (more than one material) which is diverse and ever-changing, much like the natural environment from which she draws inspiration.  By interpreting lessons observed in the wilderness and connecting with human experience, her artwork turns towards visual storytelling.

Michelle’s artistic career began early on in her middle and high school years when she began participating in exhibitions, creating commissioned artworks, and achieving sales. This emerging artistic practice continued into post-secondary at the University of Saskatchewan where she enrolled in many fine arts classes and specialized in Art Education. Michelle’s education was complimented by receiving multiple recognitions, awards, grants, and bursaries in support of her artistic career development.

Paintings and drawings of Saskatchewan landscapes and local wildlife were foundational themes in her early art career. She developed to explore a multi-faceted art practice. Her love for nature trickled into other mediums such as wood carving, chainsaw carving, mixed media sculpture, pyrography, textile arts, natural fur sewing, upcycling salvaged materials, photography, videography, and creative writing. The energy of nature stays a consistent driver behind her diverse modes of expression.

“Variety is the spice of life” and Michelle thrives on the creative freedom of newness. Her strongest motivators are independence, novelty, dimension, emotion, experimentation, the energy found within natural materials, and tactile sensory involvement. Each fluctuation in artistic medium, style, and subject matter reflects the current atmosphere around her. She opens herself to receive the energy and inspiration as it presents to her and follows that which filters into her heart and into the art.

Michelle now resides between the RM of Corman Park, RM of Torch River, and Fishing Lake, Saskatchewan.

CV/resume can be viewed here.

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