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Michelle Thevenot Artwork artist and mural painter near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Michelle Thevenot, a dynamic artist hailing from Saskatchewan, Canada, is most recently known for her captivating contemporary acrylic and mixed media paintings and wood sculptures spotlighting the untamed beauty of wildlife. With a Bachelor's degree in Art Education from the University of Saskatchewan earned in 2010, Michelle has captivated a global audience, forming meaningful connections with art collectors internationally.

Her artistic journey delves into the exploration of senses, color energy, and the profound connection between human nature and wild nature. Drawing inspiration from post-impressionism, abstract expressionism, and firsthand wilderness experiences, Michelle's work offers a unique lens through which to examine nature, energy, and sensory experiences.

Michelle's creations have exhibited at the Saskatchewan Craft Council, Back Door Gallery, Dandelion Art Framing & Gallery, DTNYXE, and the Art Now Fine Art Fair in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, along with Route 11 Creative Arts Centre, Warman Arts Centre, Esteem for the Home Gallery, Prince Albert Art Gallery, and more.

Michelle's artistic endeavors have garnered recognition through interviews and publication features including Canada Broadcasting Corporation, Saskatchewan Craft Council, CTV News, Clark’s Crossing Gazette, In Media Res, Wadena News, and Popular Woodworking.

Beyond traditional canvases, Michelle's artistic versatility is amplified through mural installations in locations like Fishing Lake, SK, Stratus Steel Erectors Inc. in Saskatoon, SK, and Dalmeny, SK. These murals stand as testaments to her ability to bring art to public spaces, enriching everyday environments with her creative expressions.

Michelle's home-based studio is near Osler, Saskatchewan. Her preferred environment for artistic research and inspiration is an off-grid camp in the northern boreal forest. In addition to her role as a board member of the Warman Arts Centre, Michelle embraces a multifaceted life, balancing her artistic pursuits with her role as a creative-mentoring mom and co-manager of three businesses alongside her husband.

Artist Statement

My art is an interweaving of human nature and wild nature. The energy to create my art flows through me best when in solitude. The combination of abstract and realism, different mediums, colors, and subjects I intuitively feel drawn to is an orderly chaos.

Nature has a beautiful way about its orderly chaos that feels vibrant, alive, authentic, and unbothered by rigid structure… it just goes with the flow… and that brings a feeling of peace, calm, and relief from a rigid, unnatural world built by humans.


I’m inspired by wildlife observations, super-sensory experiences, and a deeply personal relationship with nature that resonates with a spiritual energy. I see my own human nature reflected in wild nature which brings a deeper level of self-awareness and acceptance.

My art transcends being merely a sensory sanctuary; it stands as a testament to the interwoven connection between creativity, nature, and the human experience. It beckons viewers into a realm where artistic expression carves out room for their untamed and liberated essence. In this authentic space, unmasked and fully sensing the world in its essence, my art becomes a refuge—a place of solace and self-compassion. It celebrates the wild and free nature within each observer, fostering a profound connection with the untamed beauty that lies both within and beyond.

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