UPDATE: New commissions may be considered in January 2023 - schedule is currently full!


What is an Art Commission?

It's a request to hire the artist to make a custom artwork just for you.

Why Commission an Artwork?

- It's your chance to get personally involved in the creative process.

- You can request customization to fit your vision for size, color, subject, story, budget, or purpose.

- You get a specific kind of artwork that you can't find anywhere else.

- You form a professional relationship with the artist and have that connection through the artwork forever.

- You can tell the story of how you commissioned the artist to create the art.

- You receive a one-of-a-kind artwork to be cherished and bring deep meaning to your life.

- You get the artwork you admire on a priority basis.

- You don't have to wait and hope that the artist creates something you're interested in.

- You don't have to compete with other collectors to claim new pieces when they're made available to purchase.

- You support the artist's continued growth, professional reputation, and sustainability of their creative work.

How Do Art Commissions Work?

1. Inquire - Contact the artist to ask if they're taking commission requests. Share what you have in mind. Include info such as:

- General idea or vision for the project

- Timeline/schedule

- Materials/medium

- Size

- Subject

- Colors

- Purpose

- Any inspiration images you have

- Approximate budget in mind

- Your location

- Your contact info

- Delivery/shipping/pick up

- Installation

- Anything else the artist should know. The more specifics, the better.

The artist may or may take on your art commission request. It depends on availability, interest, scope of work, comfort level, timeline, budget, and other factors. The best way to find out is to ask!

2. Discussion - The artist considers the project and may have additional questions and suggestions.  Communication is key for both parties. Be clear about details and expectations.

3. Preliminary Design - In some cases, the artist may create preliminary design through sketches or digital images to help visualize the concept. This may happen before or after a deposit has been made.

4. Contract - Commissioned artworks are an agreement between artist and purchaser. A contract ensures everyone is clear on the details and expectations in writing. It's a professional practice to protect both parties. Terms, price, timelines, and project details are important for both sides to agree on.

5. Deposit - A deposit made to the artist confirms your commitment to the artwork's creation and shows respect that the artist is providing a service for payment. Deposit amounts vary and are established through discussion and contract. 20%-50% deposits are standard in the art industry. Sometimes, an artist may require 100% payment up front to order. A deposit covers some of the artist's initial time and expenses, and mitigates loss if a client falls through on their agreement.

6. Creation - The artist creates the commissioned artwork.

7. Completion & Final Payment - When the artwork is complete, final payment is made for the balance owing.

8. Delivery - Delivery, installation, shipping, or pick up of the artwork as agreed on.

9. Enjoy the Art! - Welcome the artwork into your life. Proudly share about the artwork with others. Observe what the art does for you, then share that feedback with the artist. Bonus - write a letter of recommendation or positive review for the artist's work.

What's the Expected Completion Time?


Completion time varies with availability in schedule, wait list, size, and complexity of the project.

My completion times (on average) vary between 2 weeks-2 months from start to finish. Inquire for details.

What's Your Rate?

Pricing varies with many different factors including size, complexity, timeline, location, materials, shipping, delivery, installation, and more.

The best way to determine the cost of a custom artwork is to contact me with details of what you have in mind, and I'll be happy to provide an estimate.


Inquire about a custom-made artwork by Michelle Thevenot.

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