Natural Fur - New and Restyled Vintage

Woman Wearing Red Fox Fur Hat Created by Michelle Thevenot Artwork


Using natural, sustainable, renewable materials such as leather, fur, and wool in my own creative twist is a practical and comforting way of connecting with my love for the outdoors and family heritage.

My Scandinavian-Canadian ancestry is an inspiration in natural fur creations. Swedish and Finnish heritage reaches back to the Viking fur trade as far as the 8th century. Boreal forest subsistence in these countries was strongly linked to the land and the natural resources within it for survival and trade.

During the 1800’s, my great-grandfather trained in fur processing while in his homeland of Finland. He later brought that knowledge with him when he immigrated to Canada and operated a tannery in Saskatchewan.

I enjoy keeping such traditions and skills alive in modern times by embracing an outdoor lifestyle of hunting and trapping in Saskatchewan’s boreal forest. I hold a humane trapping certification and membership with the Saskatchewan Trapper's Association.

The furs I work with include what I harvest myself and by other trappers, as well as re-purposing vintage fur garments that are outdated or damaged.

I respect the animals' legacies and strive to honor their value in responsible, sustainable, bio-degradable, practical use in our sub-zero climate.

Beaver Fur Mitts With Gray Leather Mitten Harness String - Created by Michelle Thevenot Artwork


I believe natural materials hold an energy not found in synthetics. That energy can be thermal, it can be sentimental, or even spiritual.

Natural fur outperforms fake fur in water shedding, warmth, renewability, biodegradability, and environmental impact.

Fur also draws us in by reconnecting people with nature and the gifts it provides. Wearing fur is a humbling and grounding experience.

People are instinctively drawn to fur like a comforting campfire on a cold winter night. We sense a primal familiarity and intuitive sense of survival... and whispers of a story that's as old as time. We feel safe, interconnected with the natural world, and overwhelmed with genuine gratitude for the fur-bearers that provide the best insulation nature created.

It is an honor to wear a legacy.

Beaver Fur and Leather Gauntlet Mittens and Trappers Hat Created by Michelle Thevenot Artwork


I enjoy creating a wide variety of natural fur items, sewn with a combination of machine and hand stitches, including:

  • Art pieces

  • Mitts


  • Hats


  • Slippers

  • Boots

  • Vests


  • Headbands


  • Neck warmers


  • Scarves


  • Pompoms


  • Shawls


  • Pillows


  • Small accents and accessories

  • Blankets

  • Costume pieces

  • And more...

Where to Purchase
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Custom Creations

Feel free to contact me with your idea and request a custom order.


Do you have an old fur coat that you don't know what to do with?

Rather than donate to a thrift store (where around 84% of items end up in the landfill), you might prefer to see it in the hands of someone who cherishes the fur and knows what to do with it.


Rather than hiding in a closet, never worn, deteriorating away with age, I see it as a responsibility to make the most of it!

​If you feel your old fur garment is meant to find its way to me for renewed creativity, you may consider donating it to a fur sewer.

(UPDATE: I'm currently not accepting additional donations - storage is full!)