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How To Carve Cute Raccoons in a Stump - Log Sculpture Tutorial in Chainsaw Carving & Power Carving

Here's an in-depth video tutorial of how to carve cute raccoons peeking out of a log stump.

So many people have requested that I share teaching content on chainsaw carving and power carving... so here it is! My step-by-step process start-to-finish of a log sculpture!

This process and valuable techniques can be applied to any other carving project as well. Or if you want to try your own spin raccoons peeking out from a stump, go for it! I encourage others to express their own style.

Remember, no two artists are alike, so try not to compare yourself! The goal is not to copy someone else's work in the exact same way. Each artist has their own way of doing things, their own process, their own style, their own designs, their own tool preferences, etc. So it's normal for your carving to look different - it's encouraged!

As a beginner, you can learn so much from observing how experienced professionals do things. And as you become more familiar with carving, you can take or leave whatever advice feels right for you!

I'm happy to share with you some valuable tips, tools, techniques, and insights into my wildly unique style of artwork.

Perhaps you'll be inspired to try something new! Or perhaps you're curious to know what goes on behind the scenes of a wood carver.

What do you think about this project? I'd love to hear from you - write a comment below or ask me a question!

- Michelle Thevenot, Artist



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