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Interpreting the Struggle of a Parent of an Addict - Creating an Inspired Artwork in 4 Steps

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

"The Struggle" Chainsaw Carved Moose & Barbed Wired Tree

A moose caught in a barbed wire fence, a sharp twist of fate, accidentally creating a work of art amidst the struggle... this is the result of an interview with the parent of an addict.

In late 2020, the idea of interview-inspired artwork began brewing in my mind.

I felt drawn to dive deep into creating meaningful art and exploring the unknown. A big idea was born - listen to others' experiences, connect with nature, and interpret these stories into inspired artworks.

The "Wisdom from the Wilderness" project began to unfold to explore human experience, lessons found in nature, and connect it all through art.


The power of storytelling changes lives.

Step 1 - Interview

The first step in this project was to interview an individual about a significant experience in their life, get to know a bit about them, and listen to their story. The following is a summary of the interview, shared with permission.

Rob Jüng is an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman from Melfort, SK, Canada. His deep love for nature guides him to peaceful solitude on the lakes in summer and quiet observation of the forest during fall hunting seasons. In these places, everything else in life disappears, clearing away thoughts, expectations, worries, and obligations.

These places became even more of a refuge when everything in his life changed.

He became a parent of an addict, watching a child slip into the darkness of addiction.

While struggling with the effects addiction has on a family, Rob became an Artist.

Addiction affects a whole family. This difficult experience brings on many thoughts and emotions - fear, depression, anger, thoughts of giving up, all the while becoming more distanced from family and friends.

Rob's welding profession began to shift to address the complexity in his life as a parent of an addict.

The struggle ultimately resulted in discovering an artistic gift and inspiration to create welded metal sculptures.

“When my stepdaughter became an addict, my self changed forever… it made me into an Artist.” - Rob Jüng

Because of a painful experience, powerful works of art took shape in the “Weeping Willow” series, leaving a deeply emotional impact on thousands of viewers.

Creating art as a result of the circumstances became a way to rewire the struggle, working free of the painful entanglement, forming a signpost of truth, healing, hope, and connection for his family and countless others.