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A patron of the arts is someone who shows their appreciation or support for the arts by donation or resources.

You can show your appreciation and support for the art in many ways:


- share the art to potential buyers

- commission a custom project

- buy the artwork

- leave a tip

- nominate the artist for grants and awards

- financial donation

- material and supply donation

- write a positive review

- subscribe to the email list

- follow on social media

- interact, comment, ask questions, share

- sponsorship

- referrals

- advocate for the artist

- encourage and cheer


Arbortech Tools

Tiger Torch Ltd.

Guy & Karen Thevenot

David & Anne Hyde

Larry & Karen Durell

Aurora Charter & Bus Service

Don Auchstaetter

Log Wizard

Christie Braaten

Sheila Schmutz of Wear Our Heritage

Kathy Grimwood

Margaret Durell

Route 11 Creative Arts Centre

Colin Ethier-Lapierre

JP Ducasse

Mythic Milling

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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Sponsorship between the Artist and Sponsor is a mutually beneficial opportunity to increase brand awareness, market to a broader audience, and gain positive association with the Artist's reputation and ongoing success.


Here lies opportunity to acknowledge the Sponsor by name, share product demonstrations, product reviews, product usage and account tagging in social media posts, website features, and displaying corporate branding online, at public events, interviews, art exhibitions, and more.

Let's chat about a mutually beneficial opportunity!


Support my creative work with a donation so that my art continues to make a positive impact on people and communities.

Your donation contributes to:

- Developing new artworks and series

- Materials and supplies for creation

- Tools and maintenance

- Research and development of new projects

- Training and professional development

- Membership with supportive organizations

- Marketing and online presence

- Studio overhead costs

- Personal protective and safety equipment

- Accessing mentors and art consultants

- Creating engaging online content

- Sharing, displaying, and exhibiting the art to reach its maximum potential impact

- Encouraging continued success in creative endeavors

Financial and non-financial donations such as physical supplies, tools, services, and materials are gratefully accepted. Get in touch to make arrangements.

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