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Michelle Thevenot's Artwork

You have helped me heal so much through your art. I can honestly say that nothing else has done that for me.

- L.C.

Through this experience, I have been able to affirm the power of connection, creativity, and creation. It was all revealed to me in learning about your creation process and in witnessing the final creation. It brought healing tears to my eyes and I am truly inspired.

- E.B.

You connect me back to earth straight away. Reminding me of the beauty of nature. You remind me that the artist (you) is as much part of the art as the piece of art itself. You are the art. And I love that you are co-creating with the earth.

- L.M.

It brings me joy... looking at your creations first I feel awe, I can feel all the heart it took to bring them to life. Then I feel inspired.... I then want to create things.... in my own medium, but yes, create.

- A.P.

When I see your work I see someone who is connected to the history of your ancestors. You see nature for what it is. You don't abuse it, but know how we fit in. And you're not afraid to take chances. And you know you have a gift and you're not afraid to use it.

- J.B.

Your energy is different than other artists. Not having met you, but following your work, I can feel your passion, your love, your calmness when you're creating a piece. Myself, being a solo empath who needs the outdoors to feel in charge of life and release daily stress - your art does that for me... there's not a lot of people who have your type of energy connection to the outdoors, then put it into an art form.

- C.M.

You create emotion rather than just something to look at. It is a connection to the emotional aspect... that I couldn’t create myself, but your talent made it happen better than I pictured in my mind.

- R.J.




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