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Walk Through & Discover the Underlying Message of the "Portal of Healing" Eagle Sculpture

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Portal of Healing - Log Sculpture by Michelle Thevenot

A portal-frame sculpture carved from sustainably salvaged log wood using chainsaw and power tools. Two eagles fly together – one adult, one juvenile. This is the Portal of Healing.

  • Where are they going?

  • Why are they going there?

  • Why is there one young and one mature eagle?

  • What does it represent in real life?

  • Who does it represent?

  • What lies ahead for them?

  • Who is leading the other?

  • What does the title mean?

These are all clues to discovering the underlying message of the artwork.

These questions can be answered differently by everyone - and no one is wrong! This is why art is amazing.

Adult Bald Eagle

We each find meaning in art that reflects our own inner story. We discover unique truths and connections meant to be personally uncovered in the process of viewing and thinking about the art.

Adult bald eagle detail

What you take away from experiencing the art is meaningful to you. That, alone, is a valuable interaction that makes an impression that stays with you.

Digging Deeper

If you're reading this far, you must be one of the curious minds, the deep thinkers, the mystery-solvers, the empathic feelers, with a drive to dig deeper and know things beyond surface-level understanding.

So you ask yourself:

What did the Artist intend to represent?